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As the four-time #1 Globe and Mail business bestseller, this fully updated and revised edition of this mind-changing book, Brand: It Ain’t the Logo* (*It’s What People Think of You) could not be more timely—it’s a continuing plea to North American leaders to confront three crises that threaten our organizations and in turn, down-grade our prosperous way of life.

  1. Hyper-messaging that bombards us all, requiring a shift away from old, ineffective interruption-style advertising.
  2. The looming labor shortage that has been disguised by the recent recession.
  3. The creeping dependence on cheap Asian production of our manufactured goods to sell solely on the basis of low price—while training them to take their developing markets and ours.

Unfortunately since the first edition of Brand: It Ain’t the Logo, these crises have only become more serious, as the majority of North American executives still fundamentally misunderstand Brand’s true meaning—business schools don’t get it, never taught it—it’s a systemic educational problem. Yet there is good news: once you do realize that your Brand is what people think of you, you’ll then understand that it is about your organization’s culture. Then you can build a “remark-able” Brand that cuts through competing messaging, sell at a premium and have you attract, retain and inspire the best and brightest- leveraging the full power of Branding—our single remaining advantage over the emerging economies.

This updated edition of Brand: It Ain’t the Logo is packed with 37 more entertaining and practical new stories, along with numerous actionable frameworks, on how to build a Brand for the 21st century — starting by rooting it in an inspiring core purpose and Brand Foundation. The book contains the must-follow 3 Rules and 3 Tools for successful Brand building. Put this book to work at your organization—whether B2B, not-for-profit, B2C or government—today.


Perhaps what I enjoyed most about this book is the parallel Matthews draws between brand and culture. Matthews believes (as I do) that in today’s world – where the average consumer is savvy, active and hyper-connected – your brand is the culmination of customer experience. Every interaction, therefore, will impact your brand – either to the positive or the negative. As the average consumer gets bombarded by more and more messages in a given day, that window in which to make an impression (hopefully positive!) grows smaller and smaller. We need to be clear, we need to stand for something and, most importantly, we need to be consistent.

By Chris Taylor, Actionable Books Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Ted’s lessons, 3 tools and 3 rules can be applied to any organization. Whether you have an established culture or an emerging one, read this book.”

By John Warrillow,  Author, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You

Ted Matthews is the smartest brand specialist I know, and Brand: It ain’t the logo* is the best, clearest, most sensible guide to the subject around. As branding plays an increasingly important role in an ever more competitive world, this is the book you need to build a better business.

By Bo Burlingham, Author, Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big Editor-at-Large, Inc. Magazine



Ted Matthews may have persuaded adidas to bring back The Three Stripes and convinced Energizer not to kill the bunny, but as the original Brand coach, he still pushes his readers, his audiences and his clients to understand that a Brand is not just a logo, the website or advertising.

Instead, a Brand is what people think of you.

As an entrepreneur, Ted built Promanad Communications into an 80-person firm that, over a span of 30 years, served an extensive list of blue chip clients. When it became clear to him that most professionals operate as if a Brand really is just a logo, he sold Promanad and founded Instinct Brand Coaches. Drawing on his own experience as a CEO, Ted coaches leaders to embed, throughout their organizational culture, instinctive behaviors that help their Brands earn a spot in the minds and hearts of increasingly discerning stakeholders. Ted’s dogged execution of the Instinct mission — to challenge and support leaders to maximize the potential within their Brands — has spurred some of the most successful Brand evolutions in North America. He has been an integral force behind the Brand- building efforts of organizations such as, Manulife, Oxford Properties, Morneau Shepell, Strata Health, AtlasCare, Quadrangle, Revera, Advocis, IAMGOLD, PICKSEED, Investment Planning Counsel, Steam Whistle Breweries, ornge and Street Kids International.

For his pearls of wisdom and famously entertaining style, Ted is a sought-after speaker for business schools, corporations and professional associations. Helping lay the groundwork for future Branding excellence and building from his 18-year involvement with the Young Presidents’ Organization, he also makes time to coach and mentor young entrepreneurs. While Ted Brands himself a master woodworker, his wife Marsha is more likely to call it “making sawdust.” The two live between their 600 acre, forested property in Muskoka, a tiny condo just off Toronto’s downtown financial district and the ‘just-right-sized’ desert home they recently renovated central Phoenix.


Long-time expert, brand coach, and author Ted Matthews speaks to CEOs about how your brand isn’t just the logo.

Helping lay the groundwork for future Branding excellence and building from his 18-year involvement with the Young Presidents’ Organization, he also makes time to coach and mentor young entrepreneurs.


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